What to do in Fernando de Noronha

What to do in Fernando de Noronha

Welcome to a land of unspoiled natural beauty, home to Brazil’s most beautiful beaches. This archipelago is made up of 21 islands, the biggest of which has an area of a little over seven square miles. Declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2001, the islands are home to the largest concentration of tropical seabirds in the Western Atlantic, while Baia Dos Golfinhos has more resident dolphins than anywhere else in the world.

12- Best things to do in Fernando de Noronha

01 – Know the main island
Starting your trip by taking the island tour is essential. On this tour, you get to know the main sights of Fernando de Noronha, having an overview of the main island and its best known beaches. Visitors board buggies or safari-style vehicles and visit spots such as Praia do Leão, Museu de Tubarão, Enseada da Caieira, Capela de São Pedro, Porto de Santo Antônio, among others. The tour lasts a full day and gives the first impression of the island.

02 – Visit the Eleni Stathatos Shipwreck
One of the diving activities in Fernando de Noronha Pernambuco is to know the shipwreck of Eleni Stathatos. It is a Greek ship that sank near the Port of Santo Antônio in 1929. Due to the shallow depth and clear water, it is possible to observe the entire structure of the ship, which recently became a real tourist spot. The 160-meter-long ship was carrying railway material for a railroad in Argentina and sank due to a fire in one of the engines. Today, the submerged ship is home to turtles, lobsters, rays, some colorful fish and even sharks.

03 – Take a dip in Atalaia Beach
Speaking of diving, did you know that Fernando de Noronha is one of the best places to dive in Brazil and perhaps the world? Praia da Atalaia is an example of this. The site has a coral reef very close to the sand, which brings together several species of marine animals that live only there. It is one of the most visited places by divers in the world, with visits restricted to only 100 people per day, according to Ibama control. The beach brings together turtles, octopus species and thousands of colorful fish in an environment of crystal clear water.

04 – Go to the Bay of Pigs
Chosen for eight consecutive years on the most beautiful beach on the Brazilian coast, in Baía dos Porcos and a hidden treasure in Fernando de Noronha. The water is green and several natural pools are formed when the tide is low, thanks to the great presence of volcanic stones in the sea. The beach has no structure of restaurants and stalls. So don’t forget to bring light snacks and water to spend the afternoon in the Bay and watch or experience the incredible sun. Don’t forget to take your trash away with you.

05 – Know the Tamar Project
If you are in the archipelago between September and December, you can visit the Tamar Project for the preservation of sea turtles. With a little luck, you will be able to witness the spawning of gigantic turtles in Praia do Leão and see the opening of nests of the turtles that have just been born. Tourists are organized in observation posts, so as not to disturb the passage of the turtles. Anyone who has witnessed this spectacle of nature says that it is an unforgettable experience.

06 – Watching dolphins
The first question that goes on in the tourist’s mind is: what to do in Fernando de Noronha? The archipelago is also well known for being the home and place where dolphins travel to perform the mating ritual. At the dolphin viewpoint, you can observe them from afar and, on boat trips, see them up close. The jumping and receptive dolphins make the trip a unique experience.

07- trekking
Several trails can be done in Fernando de Noronha, but the one that deserves some mention is the Atalaia trail. Through it, you will have the opportunity to get to know the uninhabited side of the main island, exploring the virgin flora of the place and seeing several species of birds that inhabit the trees. There are trails that take you to the region of the Bays and others that leave from the center of the main island to a deserted beach. An experience suitable for the more adventurous.

08 – Surfing
For those who are fans of the sport, Fernando de Noronha is one of the best places in Brazil to catch some waves. Tall and tubular waves abound on the beaches of Boldró and Conceição – two of the most sought after by surfers from all over the world. The best time to surf is between December and January, when the waves get bigger, longer and more consistent.

09 – Visit the Sancho Bay
The second most beautiful beach in Brazil is also in Fernando de Noronha! Baía do Sancho has a strip of golden sand, framed by cliffs of all colors. The sea has a light blue hue, and the corals allow the marine life of hundreds of different species. You can climb up to the lookout above the beach and observe the difference in color, which makes the beach one of the most beautiful spots in the world.

10. Stroll through the charming Vila dos Remédios
Vila dos Remédios, located in the center of the island, is one of the main urban centers of Noronha. In the past, the region was a small fortified city, whose main project was to bring the essence of a Portuguese fortification. Today, the town has beautiful architecture and all the services in Noronha, such as health centers, police stations and schools. There are not many shops in the region, but there are great viewpoints with a privileged view of Fernando de Noronha.

11.Do the Capim trail
The Capim Trail is one of Fernando de Noronha’s alternative tours. This is because this type of tour is done by few people, since it is located in the southwestern tip of the island, the isolated and unknown side of the Pernambuco archipelago. It is very important to remember that the trail cannot be done without the company of a guide. After all, the route has more than seven kilometers, passing through stretches of dirt, rocky and with a lot of vegetation. Although tiring, the Capim Trail is worth the effort – you will be surprised by the places it passes.

12. Visit the deserted Praia do Bode
The natural pools of Praia do Bode will win your heart. Although very beautiful, the place is little frequented by tourists, because access can be a little complicated for some people. Upon arriving at the site, you will notice the untouched beauty. It is worth remembering that, depending on the climate, it is possible to see the tide a little higher or lower. So, research the weather conditions in advance if you want to visit the beach.

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