Why Regibus Concierge

Always at your service, Regibus Concierge manages the details in your life so you don’t have to. From researching the most competitive rates to corporate itinerary planning or yacht charters, our concierge specialists will take care of every aspect of your request to provide you with the ultimate in convenience, service, and value. Regibus programs are one of the fastest growing concierge programs in the industry, a cost-effective personal or corporate concierge solution that offers our clients the benefits of an in-house concierge or personal assistant without the cost and commitment associated with such an investment. Giving you the freedom to make requests as you please, our programs are a great way to experience the unsurpassed luxury, service and reliability that our customers have come to associate with Regibus concierge. As one of the leaders in the concierge industry, our concierge solutions gives you access to our own concierge specialists and exposure to an industry network of over 1000 service providers in Brazil. As a client of Regibus Concierge you’ll experience superior customer service and the highest standards of operational excellence available in the industry giving you the peace of mind and freedom to place requests 24/7, 365 days a year. Providing you with domestic and/or international concierge solutions, Regibus. Our clients have access to the most knowledgeable professionals in the industry and a full suite of services, all individually tailored and customized to their exact specifications.