Fernando de Noronha Brazil

Fernando de Noronha, stay close to nature.

Actively engaged in ecotourism, Fernando de noronha archipelago is a veritable environmental sanctuary with exceptional seabed.

10 most beautiful beaches of Fernando de Noronha

1. Praia do Sancho ( Sancho Beach )

the most famous beach in Fernando de Noronha can also be considered the best in the archipelago. In fact, you can even say that it is the most beautiful in Brazil – opinion of many people out there.

As access by land is difficult, it is not usually very crowded most days. The top view of those who arrive on the trail at the lookout is breathtaking. After walking, the path reaches rocks with a very complicated ladder to go down, but the effort is definitely worth it.

The crystal clear waters of Noronha are even more beautiful here. The visibility of those who dive is sensational, being able to observe a rich underwater diversity.

2. Baia dos Porcos 

Baía dos Porcos is the great opponent of Baía do Sancho when it comes to the most beautiful beach in Fernando de Noronha. It is perfect for snorkeling and observing the rich marine life of the archipelago. it also has one of the most beautiful views in Noronha.

3. Praia da Atalaia
Atalaia Beach is part of an environmental protection area with strict access control. This is due to the natural pool that exists on the beach, which forms a marine life aquarium at low tide and is a nursery for several species. The entrance must be programmed before you travel to Noronha, otherwise you may not be able to enter, as there is a limit of visitors per day. The tourist also needs to follow some rules before enjoying the waters of Atalaia, such as not using sun protector to not contaminate the water and obey the guidelines of the local guide.

4. Praia do Cachorro
Located in Vila dos Remédios, Praia do Cachorro is the favorite of visitors for fun, as it has the largest tourist infrastructure on the island. Close to it are good inns and leisure options such as bars and restaurants – including the famous forrozinho on the island.

The local restaurant at Praia do Cachorro offers great structure on the waterfront, with kiosks and chairs. excellent place to stroll the late afternoon

5. Praia do Leão
Known for receiving sea turtles during their spawning season, Praia do Leão is deserted and requires tourists to walk down the hill to get there. Also beautiful and extensive, it draws attention due to the color of the sea and has this name because of the rock formation that resembles a lying sea lion. It is the main one called Mar de Fora, the part of the archipelago facing in the opposite direction to the Brazilian coast.

6. Conceição Beach
The most popular in Fernando de Noronha, Praia da Conceição and the most visited on the island. Between November and February it becomes  hight spot  for surfers when the swell is favorable for the waves. It is also the favorite of volleyball and beach soccer athletes. Being a calm water cove, stand up paddle and canoeists are always present, adorning the paradisiacal landscape!

7. Sueste Bay
Always full during the cruise, vacation and summer season, Baía do Sueste stands out for the possibility of diving with sea turtles, just take your snorkel and a life jacket, or rent it on site. Access is easy and there are divers guides available at the kiosks. As it is part of the Fernando de Noronha marine park, you need a ticket to access the beach, but unlike Atalaia Beach, there is no daily limit on visitors,

8. Cacimba do Padre Beach
Surfers’ paradise, Cacimba do Padre is the longest beach 900 meters long facing the continent. From there you can see the entire rock formation Dois Irmãos, showing the other side of Fernando de Noronha’s postcard.With greenish sea and clear sands, it still has waves of up to 5 meters in some days – to make surfers happy – and many natural pools for the whole family to enjoy with great tranquility!.

9. Boldró Beach 
The natural pool at the beginning of the of the beach made it the perfect place for a family day in the beach. From the top of the rock, there are the ruins of the old Fort of São Pedro do Boldró, which guarantees the view of Dois Irmãos and Morro do Pico. Mandatory stop for another beautiful souvenir from the island.

10. Praia do Americano
Less known to the public, Praia do Americano deserves a visit because it is small and deserted, surrounded by rocks and cozy for couples  who want greater privacy and tranquility. It is next to Boldró Beach and still draws attention by the very blue and crystalline sea. In the past it used to be a nudist beach and, on some less busy days, naturism fans meet there.

Fernado de Noronha Island (Fernando de Noronha)

Day 01: Fernando de Noronha – Arrival

at your arrival  at Fernando de Noronha Airport in the afternoon,  your personal driver will be waiting for you to drive you to your pousada.
To save you time and avoid the disembarking queue to pay the compulsory tourist tax, we take care of everything in advance, you only have to present the documents that we previously sent to you by email at appropriate window.

Arrival at the pousada, installation and overnight.

Day 2: Fernando de Noronha

Brazilian breakfast at the pousada.

After the breakfast a personal driver will drive you to the port of Fernando de noronha for  sea excursion of about 3h30.

During this walk you will be able to admire all the beauty of the coastline and pass by nine beaches going from the port of the island to the Cacimba do Padre beach. You will also be offered snorkeling, and a small fish barbecue grilled on board is also included. An original way to discover the island with its beaches and peaks from which you will have a breathtaking view from the ocean.

You will also be able to observe the seabed and its incredible ballet of colours between corals and multicoloured fish. Equipped with mask and snorkel (provided) you may be lucky enough to see turtles and rays joining the party! A good moment combining contemplation, action and conviviality to share with your partner, family or friends!

Afternoon free.

This is the ideal opportunity to go and discover one or more of the beaches you will have seen during your morning tour. It is also possible to for adiving tour  in a different beach of the island.

Night at the pousada.

Day 3: Fernando de Noronha
Free day with a buggy available to be able to travel up and down the island and reach the most distant beaches.

Diving, snorkeling, climbing, strolling or lazing on the beaches, there are many possibilities to make the most of what the island has to offer! We particularly advise you to go and discover Sancho beach, considered the most beautiful in Brazil, but also Cacimba do Padre beach, and its two practically identical rocks which are the postcard of these enchanting places.

Night at the pousada.

Day 4: Fernando de Noronha out
After your breakfast at the pousada, a private transport will pick you up to take you to the airport for your return.

End of our services.