In which geographical areas do you offer your services?

We offer our services allover Brazil

Which industries do you serve?

We work with CEO’s, executives, VIP’s and their guests, law firms, real estate and management companies, party and event planners, staffing agencies, caterers, nonprofit organizations, educational institutions and private individuals.

Doing through my concierge to reserve a service or buy a product do i pay more expensive than the recommended public price?

No, you never pay more than the recommended retail price through your concierge: you pay the recommended retail price or a more favorable price negotiated in bulk with the supplier. For certain services such as reservations for helicopters, private jets, boats, villas or hotels, we sometimes receive a commission as a business provider without increasing the price you pay

How quickly can services begin?

In some areas right away. We do suggest, though, that you contact us with details. Some projects and location require advance notice.

Can i make a request on a service that is not in your list of examples of services already provided?

Of course, we will do everything to help you, as long as this request is legal and does not pose any ethical / moral problem.

what make you different from other conciergeries?

We are more like a bootmaker than a renowned industrial concierge. We don’t work like them at all: these conciergeries are more like improved call centers, with a purely telephone (or email) relationship dictated by queries in a CRM.

In practice, we are not absolutely seeking to borrow standardized solutions to meet your needs as these players do, nor to absolutely use one of our partner suppliers. We first seek the best possible quality of service and work in open architecture. Each of our Members is supported by a dedicated concierge with whom real human relationships are established, in particular through “face to face” meetings.

What is your policy regarding the protection of privacy?

Your privacy is protected by our teams with the utmost care. No personal information is shared with a service provider without your written authorization.